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Big Tit Marathon 130: Early 1970s (Color)
Studio: Blue Vanities

Classic vintage stag films, American and European porno loops, arcade nude, and strippers. Blue Vanities presents the greatest and hottest films from the 1920's to the 1980's. An exciting nostalgia trip which includes Big Tits and Split Beavers. Includes: ROSEMARY, 1f, Big Tits MAREE, 1f, Big Tits ELAINE, 1f, Big Tits MILLICENT, 1f, Big Tits MONA, 1f, Big Tits JULIE, 1f, Big Tits JAKI, 1f, Big Tits KELI STEWART, 1f, Big Tits (Keli Stewart) MAGGIE, 1f, Big Tits SHARON WISE, 1f, Big Tits (Sharon Wise) CANDY SAMPLES, 1f, Big Tits (Candy Samples) EDNA, 1f, Big Tits DOLLY, 1f, Big Tits

Star(s): Julie, Elaine, Mona, Maggie, Candy Samples, Keli Stewart, Rosemary, Maree, Dolly, Edna

Kategorie(n): Mädchen solo, Dicke Titten, 70's

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